Released WWE Star Lashes Out On The Company; & More

From Maven's official website:

Greetings everyone. I come bearing some great news for all you Maven fans out there. I spoke to Maven yesterday and he had alot to say in regards to his career, wrestling, his departure with WWE and more.

Let me first start off by saying he has been in LA, and still is, meeting with different agencies looking at a potential acting career. The news has been good as all the agencies have said they would give him a serious look and would definately have work for him, and that right now is a great time for ethnic-diversity in Hollywood. He mentioned needing to slim down from his weight of 225lbs as Hollywood is a "skinny-man's world" which may seem crazy to some people considering in what kind of shape Maven is in.

As for Maven's wrestling career, the only wrestling match that he is expected to participate is in his hometown, Waynesboro, Virginia against his former Tough Enough teacher Al Snow. I plan on speaking with Maven next week and I will have the specifics for that show, at that time.

As for Maven's departure from WWE, he was very candid in his comments about the company and his stance on his release. He mentioned that he wasn't as upset with his release as he maybe should have been and that he had a problem with the company ever since the week after he was Raw General Manager. For those who don't remember, Maven was Raw GM after winning the Survivor Series main-event back in November. Maven shined in his words as GM and believed in his mind that he proved he was a "go-to" guy that could handle himself on the mic. His problem came with the WWE used that momentum to have him job to Gene Snitsky the next week on Raw, in a match that lasted under four minutes. Maven still feels the sting of that and was part of the reason he wasn't as upset as he believes he should have been concerning his release.

As for his release, in his own words he said "If the company doesn't want to invest their time and their money in me, then I don't want to be can quote me on that." So it appears that Maven is still living fine after his WWE departure and is keeping his options open for his career. Concerning the shoot-style comments WWE made about Maven's "after-hours life" and how that impacted his WWE career Maven stated "That was complete bulls–t." In his own words, he stated that he partied or went out no more than anyone else in the company and the real root of the problem was that some people, whom he wouldn't name, still had a problem with him coming from Tough Enough. He stated that is easy to see because there are only two remaining Tough Enough alumni in the WWE and though he wishes them luck, expects them to fade overtime as well. I guess there really is a Tough Enough stigma in the WWE.

In regards to going to NWA-TNA, Maven acknowledged their new TV contract with Spike TV as a good thing and believes he would enjoy working for the company if they came calling. "If they are interested in me and decide to pursue me, that would be something I would look at," he says.

All in all, it was great to talk to Maven again and finally get to hear from his own mouth about his release, his future career and more. He certainly hasn't been shaken by his WWE firing and if anything, is looking to do bigger and better things in the world with his newfound fame.