SmackDown News, Hulk Hogan, Christian Update, More


SmackDown will be preempted in the Philadelphia area this week. UPN will be airing the show on Saturday at 5pm instead.

Tyler Walsh sent this in: I was searching today and noticed that Hulk Hogan has been added to the RAW superstars page and is listed as a RAW superstar, complete with a biography, photos and videos.

Justin Scharf sent this about the injury that Christian suffered at the 8/13 London, Ontario house show: I was sitting fourth row at the show, by the barricades. When Booker T hit the scissors kick, Christian went down hard and he rolled right out of the ring. After that, no one saw anything from him. Rey Mysterio and Booker did some damage on Orlando Jordan and won the match. After the bell sounded and the crowd went nuts, I saw Christian rise up from the other side of the ring with blood all over his face. He immediately started walking towards the aisle way. Orlando joined him quickly and the two almost practically ran to the backstage.