Vince McMahon Tells Cruiserweights To Tone It Down


Vince McMahon has sent word down through WWE that he wants cruiserweights to tone down several risky high flying moves, unofficially banning maneuvers such as the 450 splash and the shooting star press.

Apparently the number of injuries has caused McMahon to decide that high flying risky maneuvers are simply not worth it. The unofficial ban actually went into effect around two weeks ago and when Paul London used the shooting star press against Nunzio on a recent edition of Velocity, he was told by company officials not to use it again and to come up with a different finisher.

London along with other WWE cruiserweights are upset about having to tone down their style. Many in the industry are comparing this unofficial ban to the ban of the tombstone piledriver where WWE officials only let the Undertaker and Kane use it in dramatic situations.