WWE RAW Results (8/22/05): 2 Huge Trades, Y2J Fired, Flair!

WWE RAW Results (8/22/05): 2 Huge Trades, Y2J Fired, Flair!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, August 22nd, 2005
Location: The Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA
Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Recanps are shown from last night's SummerSlam pay per view event and what an event it was! It ends with the handshake that was shown by Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan at the end of the night. Directly after the highlights, Shawn Michaels' music hits and he makes his way down to the ring!

HBK Speaks..

The crowd pops pretty big for HBK, who was considered a bad just 24 hours ago. HBK says here he is, and as much as it hurts him to have to admit it, last night, Hulk Hogan was the better man. At this, the crowd BOOS. HBK says Hogan was on last night and Hogan had a style he could not figure out. He says hogan was superior to him and at the end he felt as if he'd fell victim like all of those before him to the viscious leg drop... 1...2...3. HBK takes a deep breath and says back to reality! He says Hulk Hogan is now on a jet back to Florida until the WWE fans can give him what he wants (flashes money symbol) HBK then says he is HERE tonight to give them what they want. And with that said... The music of Chris Masters hits! Masters does his entrance in full capacity and then he marches to the ring. He looks at HBK, flexing his chest, before grabbing a mic. Masters says he always admired HBK as a little kid, and he means a little kid. He asks how old Shawn Michaels is and says he isn't exactly the Sexy Boy anymore. Masters says this business is messed up because old guys like him and Hogan won't give up and pass the torch. Michaels stops him and says not to put him in a class with Hogan because it's hitting below the belt. HBK says he understands Masters is coming out here to try and steal the spotlight. Masters says he already has taken it. HBK calls him a greenhorn and explains the ladder to him. He says he's at the top, Masters is not. He says it's hard to breathe up there because the air is a little thin. Masters says the air on HBK's head is a little thin. HBK laughs it off and admits his hair is getting a little thin. He says he knows what Masters is out here for so let's do it! He and Masters collide and go punch for punch. HBK ducks a blow and nails a flying forearm. He nips up and Masters leaves the ring! HBK grabs the mic and yells "OH MY GOD!" Masters books for it as HBK's music plays and the crowd roars.


Jericho is talking with Bischoff saying he had Cena beaten last night. He says Cena got lucky. Bischoff agrees and says Cena's luck runs out tonight because Jericho deserves a rematch and he also deserves to be the WWE champion. He says tonight it won't only be a world title match but it will ALSO be a "Your Fired" match! Jericho is a little weird with the idea but he and Bischoff hug and laugh it off. Bischoff says Jericho will definitely win and Cena will be FIRED!

Referee: Chad Patton
Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle came to the ring for singles action and was a bit surprised when he found that his opponent was former student Shelton Benjamin!

The Start:

Chain wrestling right off the start as Shelton works his way around the back of Angle to hit a back suplex. Angle claims his hair was pulled! They lock again and Shelton out mat wrestles Angle but he breaks a lower waist lock and the two go back and forth on arm holds until Shelton tosses him down to the mat again. Angle gets the ropes and they break.

Mid Match Notes:

The next lockup isn't so clean as Angle kicks Shelton in the gut before placing him in a painkiller wrist holds. The crowd gets behind Shelton who gets vertical once more and uses the ropes to springboard backflip himself out of the arm hold and into one of his own! Angle gets to his feet and he clobbers Benjamin and gives him a short hip toss. Benjamin throws a blow and Angle ducks, he slaps on the German suplex but Benjamin at the height of the suplex, does a back flip and lands right on his feet! Angle runs at him and Shelton gives him a low bridge on the ropes sending Angle to the outside as WWE go to a commercial break!

When we come back Angle tosses shelton in the ring, gets a two count and places Benjamin in a half chicken wing half leg lock and he is in trouble. During the commercial break Angle dumped Shelton over the top rope with a belly to belly move. Shelton is grounded on the mat as the crowd gets behind him and he gets to his feet. Shelton misses a clothesline in the corner and Angle drops him with a german suplex for two! Angle drops Shelton with a Eruopean uppercut before choking him with the boot below the ropes.

Angle continues to wear Shelton down with vertical suplexes and uppercuts. He's close to a 3 count on several occasions but cannot keep Shelton down even after a body scissor pin attempt combo. Shelton finally shows signs of life as he throws elbows on Angle and he gets his chance when Angle runs shoulder first into the steel post! Sheltonm follows up with a spinebuster and both men are down! 10 count starts, both men are to their feet as Shelton takes control with flying forearms and clotheslines. Angle gets a forearm on Shelton but Shelton counters with a samoan drop for a near fall. Shelton misses a drop kick and Angle goes right for his ankle but Benjamin uses his leg strength to avoid the hold. Angle then gets clocked with the spinning heel kick from Benjamin! Shelton climbs the top rope but Angle meets him up there and runs up to give him an overhead belly to belly suplex to the mat. 1...2.. NO! Angle takes off the straps and he is warming up for the Angle slam but Benjamin reverses into a DDT! Angle BARELY kicks out!

The Finish:

Shelton is to his feet and he is ready for the T-Bone but Angle forces him off and down to the mat! Angle grabs the ankle of Shelton and slaps on the ankle lock. Shelton tries to crawl but Angle drops to the mat himself wrapping the leg of Shelton not allowing him to move. Shelton tries to hold on but he is forced to finally tap!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Kerwin White:

Kerwin White pulls up in a golf cart saying he is the spokesperson for middle class America. He says Shelton just wrestled Kurt Angle and the crowd gave him a nice round of applause and he said that racism is big in America, especially where they are tonight. He says Shelton is a good wrestler, but he's not like them because he's not white. And remember, if it ain't white, it ain't right.

Snitsky loves feet...

Maria is shown walking backstage looking fine as usual. She runs into Snitsky who notices her great feet and gets all excited over them. He lifts her leg up high revealing undies and asks if he can play a game with her. She says she might have to go but he plays "this little piggy" with her and she actually likes it! Big Show then shows up and calls Snitsky a freak and tells him to get lost and he does. Show says he's a pervert and Maria needs to watch who she is talking to. She agrees but then asks Big Show what a pervert is... he says nevermind and moves on.

Referee: Chris Kay
Rob Conway vs. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is shown walking backstage and he is banged up but he is action next. After commercial break Matt comes to the ring to find his opponent to be Rob Conway

The Start:

Right as the bell sounds, the music of Edge hits and he and Lita go to the announce table where they take a seat on top of the table. They are wearing street clothes and Lita is in tight jeans. Hardy gets on the apron but this allows Conway to clock him from behind and get work on him early. Conway dominates the early part of the match as Edge continues to talk at the announce table about what he did last night to Hardy.

Mid Match Notes:

Hardy hits a chin breaker and eventually gathers some offense pounding Conway a few times and nailing him with a clothesline in the corner. Hardy then clobbers the life out of Conway and he has to be removed by the referee. When he tries to attack more, Conway gets two boots to his chin. Conway goes to the top but Hardy meets him up there!

The Finish:

Hardy and Conway throw blows at the top but Hardy is far too banged up as Conway is able to give him forearms to the face knocking him off the top rope. Conway comes off the top with his elbow drop and he pins Matt Hardy!

Winner: Rob Conway

After the match, Edge comes to the ring and assaults Hardy some more. Hardy can barely stand but is able to fight back but he is far too hurt. Edge works him on the apron and takes him down with several blows. Hardy's head is stuck between the ring apron and the steel steps and Edge kicks them. Edge walks off as Hardy lay lifeless outside the ring. His stitches are busted back open and he looks outcold as referees come to help him out.

Carlito's Cabana

Carlito comes to the ring and says he's so excited that he needs an apple! He grabs an apple and introduces his guest Ric Flair! Flair comes to the ring and woos the crowd up. He says they are in Flair country! Carlito says he can woo better and he tries a few times and the crowd boos him. He says wooing is not cool anyway. He says he remembers the battles Flair had with his father, Carlo Colon back in the Carribean. He says he sat in the front, not in the back like the broke people. He says his father said he wasn't that cool and well, standing there with him now, Carlito says he agrees. Carlito says Flair won the world title 16 times but that means he lost it 16 times as well. Carlito says he is the Intercontinental champion, a title Flair never won. He says that makes himself cool and Flair is not cool. Flair says he isn't cool, he's the nature boy! Flair dances around the ring wooing and talking about ladies and everything and then Carlito spits right in his face with the apple. Flair stares him down for a second before kicking the crap out of him! He chops him in the corner, runs off the ropes and gives him a viscious chop across the chest sending him down to the mat! He gives Carlito a knee breaker and then tosses him outside the ring. Flair then drops an elbow on his own jacket as Carlito books! Flair prances some more to the delight of his crowd!


Eric Bischoff notices a man in a hooded sweatshirt with the WWE title and he starts talking to him as if he were John Cena. He says to cherish the moments because by the end of tonight he will be fired! The camera pans and it is indeed John cena. He turns around and pretended not to hear Bischoff, calling him frosty top and saying he didn't hear a word Bischoff said. Cena storms off as Bischoff looks on..

A promo is shown for Lance Cade and his partner; Murdoch. They are in a bar and western setting and they say they are going to be the biggest tag team in history.

A surprise from Smackdown?

J.R and company are talking when the music of Torrie Wilson hits! She makes her way to the ring with Candice Michelle and they say they've been traded to Raw! Candice says Teddy Long says she was too hot for UPN. Torrie says she has many surprises for them and the first is the 2005 Raw Diva search winner; Ashley! Ashley comes to the ring and hugs the girls. She says it is an honor to be in the ring them. Torrie says she is going to fit in well here and fit in right with them.. they then mock the Diva search a tiny bit as Ashley thanks the fans. Candice says they were actually thinking that she could return that favor... right now.. Torrie then kicks her in the gut and Candice slaps her across the face! Torrie tosses her to the mat and then they leave the ring as Ashley lies in pain.

Next Week:

- HBK tries Chris Masters in the MasterLock Challenge

Jericho comments on the "You're Fired" match:

Todd asks Jericho what he thinks of the match tonight and Jericho says some people should be fired, TOOOOOOOOD... he then goes on to say he is going to win tonight and John Cena will be FIRED.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and he is packing security with him. He enters the ring as his guests stand guard at ringside. He shoots a coky smile to the crowd as WWE go to a commercial break.

You're Fired WWE title Match
Referee: Mike Chioda
John Cena (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho made his way to the ring as Bischoff awaited him with smiles and a hug. The champion then made his way out to defend his title and his job!

The start:

The two men stand face to face and butt heads as Jericho slaps Cena. Cena tackles Jericho and punches him. Cena then works on Jericho in the corner before giving him that flipping hip toss. Bischoff grabs the foot of Cena and Jericho rolls him up for a two count. Jericho nails a dropkick and assaults Cena in the corner.

Mid Match Notes:

Jericho nails a back elbow and covers for a two count. He then nails a vertical suplex followed by a few elbows on Cena. He works Cena to the corner where he chops away on his chest before stomping a hole in him and choking him with the boot. Cena is whipped to the corner but he moves as Jericho flies at him and Jericho nails the post and falls to the outside. Bischoff attends to Jericho but Cena comes out and grabs him to throw him back in the ring. Bischoff stalls Cena and Cena goes and grabs him but Bischoff hits a low blow on him! Jericho comes out and removes some of the security rail to smash Cena's head off it as WWE head to a commercial break!

When we come back, Cena is in trouble as Jericho has him in a head lock. We also see that Bischoff slapped Cena in the face during the break. Cena hits a back suplex on Jericho but Jericho follows up with a drop toe hold and he slams the head of Cena off the mat several times. Jericho kicks the ribs of Cena a few times before mounting him for a 10 punch. He only gets a few but he gets right back on Cena again. Cena fires back on Jericho as they go blow for blow until Jericho hits a spinning heel kick for 1...2... kickout by Cena! Jericho chokes Cena with his boot illegally as he talks to the referee. Cena gets an inside cradle for a near fall. Jericho waits for Cena to get up and he nails him with a clothesline for another two count. Jericho works Cena to the corner and places him on the top rope! Jericho goes up with him and he goes for the superplex but Cena blocks it and flapjacks Jericho on his face! Cena goes for a flying cross body and he crashes and burns. Jericho drops an elbow to Cena's lower back and he uses the ropes for the pin but the referee catches him. Jericho places Cena in a rear chin lock but he gets to his feet and they exchange blows again! Cena gains control with a big shoulder block followed by a couple of clotheslines and a reverse elbow in the corner! Cena then runs into a boot from Jericho but as he runs at Cena, Cena turns it into the FU but Jericho clubs him and gets out with a roll up but he changes that into the walls of Jericho! Cena is in pain and he cannot reach the ropes as Bischoff pulls them away! Jericho pulls Cena back to the middle of the ring and he is in so much trouble as Jericho has the hold on a lock down. Cena crawls to the ropes once more and this time he finally makes it!

Jericho is upset and he argues with the referee but he turns around right into the FU! Cena picks him up but his legs can't hold Jericho right now. He gives it all his might and plants Jericho with the FU but he falls and cannot make a quick pin. He finally covers Jericho but at two, Bischoff places Jericho's foot on the ropes! He then gives Jericho brass knuckles! Cena goes to pick up Jericho but Jericho clocks him with the brass knuckles. Jericho is slow to cover but he does.. 1.....2..

The Finish:

KICKOUT by Cena! Jericho tries to cover again but Cena kicks out again. Bischoff gets on the apron with the WWE title and the referee fights with him over it all. Cena and Jericho battle, Cena sweeps the legs of Jericho and gives him a slingshot right into Bischoff! He then catches Jericho and plants him with the FU for the 1...2..3!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, Bischoff gets in the ring and calls Jericho a son of a b—h and then says that he is FIRED! Jericho BEGS for his job on his hands and knees but Bischoff does not budge and Jericho is carried out by the security guards! Back in the ring, Angle comes behind Cena and beats the hell out of him! He drops him with a German suplex followed by a ton of blows and more suplexes. Eventually he hits the Angle slam. He gets on his knees and screams to the sky., Bischoff comes back in the ring and tells Cena to say hello to the number one contender for the WWE title; Kurt Angle. Angle slaps Cena around and takes a look at the WWE title before finally leaving the ring. He and Bischoff look at Cena as he struggles to get up as Raw goes off the air.