Yet Even More On HBK & Hogan; HBK Not Happy

Source: The Torch Newsletter

With a week past since SummerSlam, there was a lot of talk regarding the Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels match at the event in Washington, DC. According to reports, Vince McMahon made a very firm decision to have Hogan go over with the legdrop against Michaels and Michaels didn't put up a fight regarding that finish. Many feel that by Michaels not arguing the finish, it was going to give him the ability to have a forum the following night on RAW to say what he wanted about about the situation. Coincidentally, Michaels ended up doing just that on RAW in a rather sarcastic way.

Even though Michaels didn't argue the finish with Vince McMahon, those close to Michaels have stated that he didn't return phone calls after SummerSlam right away and that led many to believing he was more upset and frustrated as a whole about the situation with Hogan and his inability to "pull enough strings" like Hogan backstage. Some have also came to the conclusion that Michaels could have sabotaged the match if he wanted to by not selling anything for Hogan, but given that he is a devout Christian now many felt he was doing as much as possible to not let the "old Shawn Michaels" come out.

According to one WWE source regarding the Hogan vs. Michaels match, "Michaels stole the show and made Hogan look better than he is. The finish was fine. Michaels gained great respect with his efforts." Many feel Michaels was able to get back some edge despite the loss to Hogan the night after SummerSlam on RAW with some of his snide comments towards Hogan. From what is understood, there are no plans for Hogan to return for another match in the immediate future. Many feel it is only a matter of time until he returns, with one WWE source stating that Hogan might have agreed to do a job at WrestleMania 22 if he was to get the win over Michaels at SummerSlam. Who Hogan's opponent would be at WrestleMania next year is still up in the air, as John Cena and even Stone Cold Steve Austin have been rumored as possible candidates.