More Live Notes From RAW Last Night

Thanks to Bobby Faulkner for these. On a side note, last night I put credit to Eric for the live notes he called in and it was actually Zach! Sorry about that Zach and thanks for your hard work last night.

Just wanted to share some notes with you from what happened in your old stomping grounds of Wichita Falls tonight for the Heat taping and Raw.

The dark match was Val Venis beating Johnny Parissi (Swinger) with the Money Shot in a good opener.

For Heat...

* Eugene (who got a strong pop) and Tajiri beat the Heart Throbs. Eugene grabbed one of the Heart Throbs' boas before the match and paraded around the ring with it. The highlight of the match was Eugene and Tajiri hitting stereo Tarantulas. Eugene won the match shortly after that with the Stunner.

* Kerwin White beat Matt Striker by submission with a single-leg crab. Kerwin now has a caddy, whose name was not announced to my knowledge. It was an average match with some back-and-forth offense.

* After Coach and Grisham went to the back, Shelton Benjamin fought Rob Conway. After a pretty solid match, they went outside the ring for a double countout finish, which was not received well by the fans.

For Raw...

* People were quiet during the Divas match and the Murdoch/Hurricane match, but they were responsive to the majority of action.

* The Ric Flair/Carlito match was a classic old-school match, with the Figure Four getting a good pop.

* Cena, Big Show, HBK, and Matt Hardy got good reactions during the main event. After Big Show chokeslammed Edge, the faces piled on top of him for the four-man pin, which the crowd ate up.

* The end of RAW saw the faces celebrating, doing the chokeslam signal to each side of the ring. Cena and Hardy were the last to leave the ring, with Cena posing and celebrating at the top of the ramp to end the show.

* FYI, Cena is scheduled to be at Best Buy in Wichita Falls signing autographs and copies of his CD tomorrow evening from 6 to 8 PM.

Overall, there was a good crowd but not as big as last year's attendance. There were a lot more seats blocked off this year, which will probably be very evident in the broadcast. However, the majority of the available seats were filled.

Biggest Pops:
1) Cena
2) Vince McMahon
3) Big Show/HBK

Biggest Heat:
1) Angle
2) Bischoff
3) Carlito

Keep up the great work at the site! I'm a loyal reader!!