**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to WrestlingObserver.com for these:

In the dark-match pre-Velocity, Kid Kash and Brian Kendrick d. a generic looking tag team.

After the intro of the Velocity announce team, Mexicools Super Crazy & Psichosis d. Big Vito and Nunzio after a leg drop from the top rope. Mexicools were over big as faces with most of the crowd (noticed a lot of Hispanics there tonight).

Sylvan (no longer Grenier and now the Euro Fashion Model – as opposed to MNM the Hollywood Fashion Models) d. Matt Johnson (announced as being from Atlanta).

In your Velocity main event, Booker T with his annoying wife d. Steven Richards with the axe kick after the spinaroonie. Booker got one of the bigger reactions of the night (probably for being the first "superstar").

To start SD!, Teddy Long comes on the Tron and announces that due to the telethon, the first hour of SD! will air exclusively on WWE.com, with the second hour airing at 9 central on UPN (as soon as he said 9 central he knew he screwed up).

In the first match, Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal d. MNM to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. After the most contrived ref bump in history, Melina sneaks in to hit Animal with the title belt, but Animal grabs it, turns around and hits (I think) Nitro with it to get the pin.

Ken Kennedy d. Paul London with the fireman's carry splash off the top. Not a lot of people knew who Kennedy was, but by the end of the night he was getting a solid reaction. For the record, as Kennedy announced, it was a 20-minute time limit and he weighed in at 243 pounds.

Bushill d. Scotty 2 Hotty in the bathroom break match. People of course started the USA chant at Bushill, which considering that the UK is pretty much our only strong ally in the war on terror, I don't know how smart that is. Finish saw Bushill with a shoulderbreaker into an armbreaker.

The Undertaker came out, calling out Randy Orton. Randy comes out with father in tow and has a giant check brought out for the Undertaker Retirement Fund in the amount of $1,416. The Undertaker didn't accept the gift and instead used his power of exploding stuff and creating fire to set the check ablaze.

The televised portion of SD! starts with Eddie d. Rey Mysterio in a STEEL CAGE~! match. Farily solid, but fans seemed to want more stuff off the cage. Finish saw Rey miss a splash from the top of the cage, then Eddie get out of the cage, get to the bottom step, and come back to hit a frog splash for the pin.

Ken Kennedy runs into Sharmell backstage and introduces himself. He tries to start something between Benoit and Booker T by suggesting "Friends don't let friends drive drunk, but the sure as heck give them title shots!" Before Sharmell could respond, Ken says it was a pleasure meeting you and the name is Ken Kennedy — Kennedy. Crowd ate it up.

After the Benoit DVD video aired (without the plug for the DVD), they showed the Linda McMahon PSA for flood relief. Tha segued into Atlanta, GA's own Chris Benoit (sure) d. Orlando Jordan in 22.5 seconds. You knew something was up when they put the timer on the Tron.

During the show, Teddy and the "network guy" were up in a suite overlooking the arena and 5,000 or so empty seats. Looked like Christy Hemme and Stacy were up there as well.

Our main event saw Batista d. JBL in a BULL ROPE~! match to retain the World Heavyweight Title. After a dazzling display of clotheslines, the finish came when Batista powerbombed JBL, then started dragging him around to every corner with JBL touching the corner right afterward. At the fourth, JBL flipped over Batista, reached for the corner and looked like he would get it for about 10 seconds. Then Batista pulled him back, hit a spinebuster and touched the corner to end it.

Dark match main saw Undertaker d. Randy Orton in a pretty competitive match. A lot of fans were leaving, then turned around and came back at the end.

A fairly hot crowd, but Atlanta is definitely a Raw town. The Raw here in March drew almost a legit sellout. Tonight, there were tons of empty sections on the hard camera side, and the entire 200 level was tarped off.