WWE Friday Night SD! Results - September 23, 2005

Credit: PWInsider.com

Smackdown Report
by Jacob Breasure

Smackdown opens the night with a bang as we are watching TV that is changing Friday nights. Tonight Taz and Michael Cole tell us that we will see MNM against Eddie Guerrero and Batista.

Kicking off Smackdown tonight is (the five time winner of a belt that has been dead for four years) Booker T. accompanied by Sharmell. Next out comes Captain Charisma Christian, who comes out pointing to his peeps. Match starts out with both men going for the lock up, finally Booker T. takes Christian to the turnbuckle and gives a clean break. Both men circle each other with Christian getting the go behind waist lock. Standing switch by Booker T. Christian connects with a couple of elbows as he goes for the ropes. Coming off the ropes Christian is his with a hip toss from Booker T. Sharmel leads the cheers as Booker T. gets a headlock on Christian. Irish whip and a leap frog from Christian, and Christian gets nailed with a clothesline. Chops by Booker T. followed up with a Irish whip. Christian holds the ropes and slides out of the ring. Booker T. follows in hot pursuit as Christian slides back into the ring. Captain Charisma catches Booker T. with a couple of boots as he takes him into the corner. Following it up with a chop and a punch to the face Christian sends Booker into the corner. Booker does a nice over the top catches Christian with a back body drop. Booker takes him into the corner with some chop/punch combinations. Booker climbs the ropes and connects with some fists. A reversal into a power bomb Christian goes for the cover. A count of two and Christian goes and chokes Booker on the ropes. Breaking on the count of four Christian lands with a snap mare takedown into a chin lock. Booker T. powers his way back to his feet and connects with three elbows to the midsection. Christian grabs Booker by the hair and takes him down to the mat and gets a two count. Christian connects with punches and kicks to the back of the head. Christian smothers Booker T. with his boot. Booker T. comes back with some right hand as Christian goes for the double leg and goes for the count with his feet on the ropes. Count of two as Sharmell alerts the referee and he stops the count. Both men back on their fee Booker connects with punches and chops and Christian and Booker then hit a double clothesline. The referee counts to a count of eight as Booker and Christian get back to their feet. Booker reverses the punches three times as he sends Christian to the ropes. Booker T misses the clothesline but hits the flying forearm. Booker then hits a fast clothesline and then we see two reversals and a high kick by Booker. Booker goes for the pin and gets a two count. Booker T sends Christian to the corner and Christian kicks him in the mouth. Booker connects with a nice flapjack out of the corner. Booker T. goes for the spinerooni but is hit in the face with a boot. Christian mocks booker T as he sends Booker to the corner. Booker does the Jack Brisco rollup and Christian rolls through but Booker knocks him back and connects with a spine buster. Kick out by Christian at the count of two. Booker gets nailed with a clothesline. Christian goes for the top turnbuckle but Sharmell gets the referee to notice. Referee is distracted by Sharmell as Booker hits the Book End. Referee finally gets to the pin fall as Christian kicks out at a count of two. Booker now hits and completes the spineroonie. Booker goes for the kick as Christian pulls the referee in front of him. Christian gets a thumb to the eye as Sharmell distracts the referee again. Christian rams Booker s shoulder into the ring post. Christian connects with a neck breaker and gets a count of two. Christian goes for the Unprettier and misses and gets sent too the ropes as Sharmell grabs the foot of Christian. Booker T. hits the rollup and the 123.

The winner of the match is Booker T.

We then go to the back with Eddie looking sick. Theodore Long asks him what is wrong and Eddie says he felt fine when he arrived but now has a cramp. Eddie talks about how sick he is but won t let anyone down. Eddie sniffs the General Manager as he looks like he could throw up. The GM and the Network representative listen on as Eddie is throwing up in the background. We then go to a commercial break.

We come back to Smackdown as we see JBL lose his match with Rey Mysterio. We also see him asking for help for the first time. Jillian Hall announces JBL as being bigger than Sam Houston. JBL comes out on a horse looking scared. JBL comes out and waves his hat to the fans. JBL takes the mic and gets on one knee and thanks west Texas. JBL thanks Jillian and begins to talk about his talk with Jillian. He says that it was shocking as the crowd chants you suck. He says he has had an epiphany saying that he has come back home to west Texas. He then talks about how far he has come and says how great New York City is. He talks about it being the capital of finance and money. He says he is dressed in Presidential casual. He borrows liberally from the Rock as he says that in arenas from Madison Square Garden to Texas Tech still chant his name. He also says that he is Mr. Smackdown. Then JBL goes out and gets the cheap heat saying he hates people who come across the border illegal, wear masks, and lie to their sons. He says that he will do what it takes to save America as he says he is a wrestling God.

We see Animal and Heidenreich coming out for their match that is next.

We come back as we see the new LOD come out to the ring for a match with the tag team of Jared Steele and Anthony Culletti. The LOD come out for the early advantage as Heidenreich sends him to the turnbuckle and hits a clothesline. Tag to Animal and seeing Animal hit a body slam as Jared Steele is brought into the ring. Steele goes for a couple right hands as Animal hits him with a stiff right. Irish whip to the ropes see Animal hitting with a power slam. Animal tags in Heidenreich as we see the Doomsday Device.

Your winners LOD.

Next we go to the back as Sylvain Grenier is getting a massage. He tells ChrisTy that she is fake and that Stacy has been shopping at the Salvation Army. Bob Holly comes in and says hi to Sylvia. He said that he is willing to give him fashion advice. He says that he is wearing all black but needs a black eye. We now go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break

Now we are seeing Sylvain as he comes out too the ring. We are introduced to his portfolio. Out next we have Bob Hardcore Holly who is accompanied by both Christy and Stacy. Sylvain comes out and connects with punches and boots. Irish whip and a slide through by Holly, as he connects with several hard chops. Irish whip and Sylvain holds to the ropes as Holly tries and charge but goes over the ropes. Sylvain brings Holly into the ring as he catches Holly with a couple of elbow drops. Holly is then brought to the ropes and choked. Sylvain with a chop to Holly. Holly is sent to the corner and hit with a high knee. Sylvain hits a nice vertical suplex and gets a two count. Sylvain gets a body slam and a two count. Punches to the ropes and an irish whip reversal, Bob Holly hits his dropkick. Holly and Sylvain trade punches as Holly hits the ropes and two clotheslines. Holly connects with a back body drop and then hits the full nelson driver. Sylvain gets up and Holly goes for the Alabama Slammer. Sylvain reverses and gets a two count. Sylvain then hits a missile dropkick from the top rope. Sylvain goes and talks at the Divas as Holly hits a harsh fist and looks like he gives him a blackeye. Sylvain then holds his eye as he goes to the back and gets counted out.

Your winner by count out Hardcore Holly.

In the back GM Long tries to tell Batista that Guerrero is sick. Batista says that he has the best doctor in town on the way. As we go to commercial we see the Undertaker looking at the casket from last week.

We come back from commercial as we see what happened last week on Smackdown with Orton and the Undertaker. Cowboy Bob Orton is out as he introduces the Legend Killer Randy Orton. Orton to a chorus of boos takes the mic and tells his dad to open the casket. Orton says that when you achieve his status that he can see that physically everyone is equal. Orton says that the ability to play mind games makes the difference. Orton goes on to say that last week he beat the Undertaker mentally. He says that he saw the look in the Undertaker s eyes as the Undertaker opens his eyes. Orton not noticing says that it was fear and that he killed the Undertaker. Orton says that soon enough the Undertaker would be buried. Orton goes and checks on the manikin of the Undertaker as he is caught and choked. Undertaker goes to choke him out and throws him over the casket. Cowboy Bob Orton pulls Randy out of the ring. The Undertaker s music hits as he stares at the Ortons.

Commercial Break

Ken Kennedy comes out to the ring as he takes the mic and says that ring announcer Tony Chimel has been working on his intros as he gives him a hug. He says that he wants Chimel to take a bow as he hits him in the golden jewels. Kennedy then poses in the center of the ring as a mic comes down from the ceiling. Mr. Kennedy announces himself and says that he has gained another pound. Rey s new music hits which sounds like the old 911 Bad Boys theme. Ken Kennedy goes for the kick but is stopped by Mysterio. Rey is Irish whipped to the ropes and holds on. Rey kicks Kennedy in the face and does a arm toss which sends Kennedy to the outside. Rey hits a drop toe hold to Kennedy and kicks him to the head which gets him a two count. Reverse the Irish whip Kennedy lands a nice back breaker to Mysterio. Kennedy gets two nice knees to the back of Mysterio. Kennedy sends Mysterio into the turnbuckle and drags him to the center of the ring for a two count. Kennedy is sent into the turnbuckle by Mysterio. Send off too the ropes and Mysterio hits the cross body. Kennedy reverses into a nice slam. Mysterio hits a nice kick and comes off the ropes with a hurricaranna. Mysterio hits the sitting senton and gets a nice two count. Mysterio is countered and hit in a slam by Kennedy. Mysterio gets a foot on the bottom rope. Kennedy waits for Mysterio and misses with a charge. Mysterio misses the 619 but comes and hits a leg drop. Mysterio goes to the top rope as Kennedy plays possum. JBL distracts Mysterio as Kennedy hits the rolling Samoan drop from the top rope and gets the pin.

Your winner Ken Kennedy&&.Kennedy

Commercial Break

We come back with the Raw replay as Vince tells Bischoff that he will face John Cena.

GM Teddy Long tells the Network Representative that he should not worry about the action for the Homecoming.

Sharmell tells Booker T. that they should celebrate and tells him he should be wearing gold around his waist. She then avoids telling him that she talked to Kennedy and that he said Booker T. should get a title shot from Benoit.

We then see Eddie Guerrero getting checked out by a physician. An attractive nurse asks if he needed physical attention. As she rubs him he says she should rub lower as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break the Simon System is introduced. Simon says he feels great because he took a dose of the patented Simon System. He says bring him anyone as he gets a four time all American as he gets newcomer Bobby Lashley. Lashley is called the real deal as he locks up and drops Simon. Simon takes some Simon System as he kicks Lashley in the gut. Shoulder tackle by Lashley as he nails a takedown. Simon is then forced to do pushups by Lashley. A rake to the eyes by Simon as he hits a dropkick. Simon attacks Lashley and goes for a half nelson. Lashley starts doing pushups with Simon on his back. Lesley takes him to the corner and hits Simon with some right hands and a couple of forearms. Lashley then hits a nice throw and takes Simon out with a Gut Wrench slam.

Your winner by pinfall Bobby Lashley

Back from commercial break Chris Benoit comes out to the ring for his match. Once again he is facing Orlando Jordan. Orlando comes into the ring as a clock comes up on the screen. Orlando runs from Benoit and tries to kill the clock. Benoit hits a the ropes and brings Orlando into the ring. The clock goes past thirty seconds as Orlando celebrates. As he celebrates Benoit catches Jordan with the crossface and gets the submission.

Your winner at 49.8 seconds is Chris Benoit

In the back Batista says Guerrero looks better and he says he feels better thanks to his nurse. Guerrero then says he has cramps and introduces him to his Doctor. Dr. Barnett introduces himself and eyes Eddie over. Eddie says that it is a miracle as Batista forces him on the chair. The Doctor puts on a glove as he says that he won t hurt Eddie too much. Eddie is the looking quite upset at what the Doctor is doing to him off the screen.

Back from commercial break we see MNM come out to the ring. Batista comes out to the ring for the match. Eddie finds his way out to the ring looking like he is in a ton of pain. Batista circles and connects with a shoulder block to Mercury. Eddie is grabbing his rear as he looks on. Mercury and Batista tie up and Batista just throws him off. Mercury runs out of the ring and Batista follows. Batista connects with a punch to both members of MNM. Mercury connects with Batista and is reversed into the corner. Batista catches the boot and grabs a double choke. Behind the referee s back Nitro hits a kick to Batista. Nitro drags Batista for the tag and hits Batista in the knee. Mercury hits the neckbreaker and a knee for a two count. Mercury hits another neck breaker and another two count. Tag into Nitro and they hit a double suplex. A two count and some kicks and punches too Batista s ribs. Batista knocks Nitro down as Mercury tags back in. Mercury hits with some punches as Batista shrugs him off and hits some shoulders too the midsection. Batista hits both men in the corner with a clothesline. Batista throws Nitro into the corner and then clotheslines Mercury. Nitro is then hit with a spine buster followed up with a clothesline too Mercury. Batista shows thumbs down and hits the Batista Bomb too Mercury. Eddie tags in and hits the frog splash from the top of the turnbuckle. Eddie gets the pinfall.

Your winners Eddie Guerrero and Batista.

The show closes with Batista looking mad and Eddie celebrating.