Backstage News From RAW Webcast

On the RAW video feed last night prior to RAW, they showed Lillian Garcia singing the national anthem as well as the introductions for Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, and The Coach. There was also pre-show footage of Piper backstage.

Also during RAW, the webcast showed the legends sitting at ringside. They asked Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Snuka, Dusty Rhodes, and others who they thought would win the HBK-Angle match. They also showed Jim Ross shooting on the Texas crowd saying Oklahoma would 'kick Texas' ass in the Cotton Bowl' this year. The announcers were also shown later in the show as well directly following the Hardy-Edge match. As I type this, they introduced each legend individually during the break. They then returned to the live show with a legends segment. After the segment, they shot backstage footage with Eugene and the legends. Very funny stuff. Also towards the end of the show, showed a backstage interview with JBL where he said somebody would pay tonight.

It was a good add-on for internet users who watch RAW. No word on if they'll do this on a weekly basis or not. has added videos of Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan from backstage at RAW commenting on the return of RAW to USA. There will likely be many more added.