Big Afternoon Update: WWE Legal, RAW, JBL, Stacy, More News

- WWE has shut down several Ebay auctions that were selling recorded copies of old-current WWF/E, WCW and ECW shows. They are also closely monitoring Ebay for more instances.

- Monday Night Raw ratings peaked at a 5.0 during the Austin Stunner Party on the McMahon family.

- On October 7th there will be a 2-hour Encore presentation of WWE Homecoming airing on the USA Network at 9pm.

- has added several of the videos from the commercial breaks Monday Night during Raw. [Credit:]

- R.C. sent this info along: The stunners on Linda and Stephanie, as well as part of the bra and panties match were censored on TSN in Canada.

- reports that they had a record traffic day on Monday.

- JBL and Stacy Keibler will be the guests on Byte This tonight.

- Today is the anniversary of the passing of Brian Pillman.

- Stacy Keibler is scheduled to be a guest tonight on Fox Sports' "Best Damn Sports Show."