Incident Involving Ashley/Candice, & More Backstage Problems

– More details are now available on the complicated situation involving the WWE divas and former writer Rudy Fischmann s firing. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there was some sort of backstage altercation between Ashley Massaro and Candice Michelle, stemming from something that fired WWE writer Rudy Fischmann had revealed from a booking meeting.

Fischmann was blamed for leaking out what had been said about some of the women, when it was supposed to be confidential. When the divas found out what had been said about them at the meeting, they were not pleased. Somehow the things said got Ashley and Candice in each other s faces. Aside from that there aren t many clear details on what happened.

It s said that while Stephanie McMahon was always fond of him, Fischmann rubbed Vince the wrong way by commenting so openly about how he thinks Vince doesn t give the women in WWE enough of a chance. Some viewed him as a complainer, who was too openly frustrated with the product too soon in his time with the company.

This is one of the many issues which had lead to Fischmann s firing. Another being the now-infamous disaster of a match between Torrie Wilson and Ashley on the 9/5 edition of RAW, which is believed to have happened as a result of Fischmann wanting them to have actual matches rather than just walking around in bikinis.