Loads Of Backstage RAW News: Edge, JBL, Hardy, Taboo Tuesday, More

If you couldn't tell from RAW last night, this Jim Ross storyline is an angle. It appears as though they still want Ross to be kept off the announce booth and were ready to hire Mike Goldberg until he turned them down. Ross will undergo surgery and recovery time and will be back to finish off this angle. As evidenced by his announcing on RAW last night, Coach needs work and lots of it. We'll keep you posted.

During the commercial breaks on WWE Unlimited at WWE.com, they showed footage of Hurricane and Rosey with Hurricane ripping off his mask and walking out of the arena on Rosey This was a little odd. They also showed matches in progress during the commercial breaks, the Carlito's Cabana setup, Ric Flair's entrance with a small promo about how much he respected Triple H, and Steve Austin right after his entrance hit.

Edge will be on SmackDown! this week to help further the Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown! match that will take place at Survivor Series. Interesting to note that Matt Hardy will be there as well as a part of the Peep Show.