McMahon Angry At J.R.?, & More Major Backstage News

– PWInsider reports that several within WWE feel that Vince McMahon had still been angry with Jim Ross ever since he moved from Connecticut back to Oklahoma, when he stepped down from his position in WWE and was replaced by Johnny Ace.

When asked, backstage WWE sources, including ones who don t like J.R., all said that they felt he was screwed over, and feel bad for him.

Several backstage sources also say that Vince McMahon blames Jim Ross for the story about him being fired leaking out so early. However what really pissed off Vince is that Mike Goldberg s name had been mentioned in the leaked story.

When Goldberg had told Vince he wasn t sure he wanted to jump over to WWE, which Vince replied to by raising the offer in order to snatch him away from UFC & Spike TV. What ended up making Goldberg turn down Vince s money and stay with UFC, is leaning from friends that going to WWE would kill his dream of becoming an NFL commentator. It s said that once you ve announced for WWE, it s almost impossible to get back into announcing for professional sports, such as football.