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According to reports, WWE offered UFC announcer Mike Goldberg a cool $500,000 per year contract for three years. By comparison, Jim Ross earned $832,959 last year for his executive and announcing duties. Dave Meltzer reports that Shane McMahon went as far to call UFC's Dana White, just to say it was a business decision. Of course, Goldberg turned down WWE's offer. One report has Spike TV kicking in money to keep Goldberg from jumping. WWE's contract offer was an exclusive deal, where as his UFC contract allows him to do other sports events.

The Monday night replay on Spike TV scored Impact a 0.50, for the third straight week. The final Impact rating from Saturday night is 0.81, with a 1.6 share.

The Rock will be The Late Show with David Letterman tonight. He'll be on MTV s Total Request Live on October 20.