Official WWE SmackDown! Preview For Tonight: Edge's Guarantee


In a city where fortunes can change in an instant, friendships could be solidified or shattered this week when Friday Night SmackDown rolls into Reno, Nevada.

On the heels of their battle at No Mercy, Batista proved that he was on Eddie Guerrero's side when he saved Latino Heat from an attack by Cowboy Bob and Randy Orton last week. On Friday night, the two will become teammates once again when they face the Ortons in a tag team match. Will the World Heavyweight Champion and his new amigo be able to overcome the crafty father and son?

Normally close friends, Chris Benoit and Booker T will go one on one Friday night for the United States Championship. In recent weeks, Sharmell's interference has helped her husband win several matches, including the Fatal Four Way Match last week that earned Booker this title opportunity. With one eye on the outside, can the Rabid Wolverine turn back another challenge, or will Booker T strike it rich?

After originally being scheduled to appear on Christian's "Peep Show," Matt Hardy will instead let his actions speak louder than words this week on SmackDown. Be sure to tune in to see what Hardy has in store this Friday.

Also last week, two mysterious men attacked the Mexicools after Psicosis & Super Crazy's victory. Will they show up again this week, and will we find out their identity or their motive?

Find out all this and more Friday night at 8/7 CT on SmackDown on UPN.