Ross Returning, Major Stars Scheduled For RAW Monday, More News

WWE is looking to bring in Mistico and Super Porky as soon as this Monday s RAW. They are trying to obtain other names from Mexico as regulars, most feel this is due to the Telemundo deal, TNA s initial ratings featuring their X Division stars and due to a lot of mainstream publicity that a lot of Lucha stars have been getting. It's going to be a close call trying to get these guys as they need to get in touch with them first and then finalize a deal.

Jim Ross suffered a ruptured colon and surgery will happen next week. The WWE web site is publishing hate mail, and while no one is certain it appears as if Ross will return after his medical problems are solved. There wouldn't be any other reason for posting just 'hate' mail.

TV ads in Canada are showing WWE Taboo Tuesday commercials highlighting HHH vs. Ric Flair, which hasn t been officially announced. WWE should really work on trying to keep matches under the wrap until they 'officially' announce them.

During last night s Smackdown airing in Canada, they ran commercials for Raw that said, a new era begins Monday as all four McMahons will appear together in a united front.