**SPOILERS** TNA Primetime Special Taping Results

Thanks to Alan Wojcik for his help:

They taped things out of order so we're not sure how this will actually air. They also taped some backstage segments on Monday.

Before the show, West and Tenay did several promo spots including one announcing Rhino would defend later tonight against Jarrett.

In a rematch of the Ultimate X match, Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin and Matt Bentley with some crazy high spots. There was an outside brawl between Tracy Brooks and Scott D'Amore. They had chains holding up the X this time. Said to be really good. Williams vs. Styles for the X title at Genesis.

Team Canada attacked 3 Live Kru backstage.

Lance Hoyt, Sabu, and Jeff Hardy defeated The Diamonds in The Rough. Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton on David Young. Abyss then hit the ring and hit the Black Hole Slam on Sabu. Hoyt and Hardy clothesline him out of the ring.

Monty Brown defeated Brian Gamble after two pounces. Gamble was carried out of the arena as Jeremy Borash made grim faces. This was either a great job of selling or he was legitimately hurt.

Austin Aries, Sonjay Dutt, & AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley & Samoa Joe. This was said to be an excellent match. They teased a feud between Daniels and Joe. The faces all had triple submissions at one point which got the crowd going. At the end, Daniels accidentally struck Joe and Joe gave it right back to him. Styles hits the Styles Clash on Alex Shelley for the win. Awesome match.

Team 3-D defeated Team Canada's Eric Young & Bobby Rude. 3-D went for the Wassup but Rude shoved Devon off the ropes. The crowd heat for this was said to be excellent throughout the match. Devon came back with a double clothesline and made the hot tag. They called for the 3D on Young and A1 went to use the hockey stick. 3 Live Kru ran down and stopped them. Team 3D hits the 3D for the win. ECW chants as Team 3D left the ring.

In the main event, Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino to regain the NWA title. Rhino went for the gore but Jarrett powered out. The two brawl through the crowd. Rhino slams Jarrett's head into a chair held by a fan. Straight ECW style. Rhino went for a piledriver off the ropes but Gail Kim came down. Rhino took a nasty bump to the floor. Jarrett took control. Gail Kim eventaully went for a flying legdrop but missed. Rhino pressed her for a slam but Jarrett rolled him up for a two count. Jarrett tried for another pin but the ref caught him putting his feet on the ropes. Rhino hit a sit out powerbomb for a two. He missed the gore. The ref went down to a accidental clothesline. Jarett missed with a guitar shot and Rhino hit the gore. No ref to count the pinfall. AMW came down. Rhino grabbed the guitar and swung but missed. Jarrett lowblowed Rhino. AMW hit the Death Sentence on Rhino thru a table on the floor. Jarrett hit the stroke and scored the pin.

They showed a shot of a bloodied Team 3-D backstage. The crowd chanted "F-ck you Jarrett" and booed loudly as the show closed.

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