Update On Michelle McCool & Her WWE Status

Here's an update on blonde Smackdown diva Michelle McCool...

It has just come to my attention that her profile has been removed and deleted off of WWE.com. I don't think she's being released, she's just been off television for so long. They'll probably put it back up whenever she makes her return to WWE. She hasn't been seen on WWE programming since the June 30, 2005 edition of Smackdown! when she lost to Melina in a wrestling match. She was then knocked out of storylines when MNM delivered "The Snapshot" finishing manuever.

The reason as to why McCool was written out of storylines was because she was in dire need of some more wrestling training as she only has a few months of experience. Also, they didn't have much of a television role for her so they might as well have her learn to wrestle instead of wasting time by having her take part in meaningless backstage skits. She was subsequently sent down to Deep South Wrestling, the new Atlanta-based minor league affiliate for WWE. She made about two appearances before she was written out of storylines for that. The storyline reason is that she was attacked in the parking lot.

Michelle McCool herself corresponds regularly with MichelleMcCool.net, which is a fansite on her. She posts as "MMA" on the tagboard, and yes it's really her. "MMA" stands for Michelle McCool-Alexander. Anyways, here is her latest update. Apparently, she was in the hospital for reasons not disclosed yet....

MMA: Hey guys....Thanks for all the love and concern. I have been in the hospital back home for my 8th day now. Hopefully, I will be getting out today (keep your fingers crossed). Thanks again :)

And lastly, Wrestling Observer is reporting that Michelle McCool will be the guest referee for an interpromotional diva match between Torrie Wilson and Christy Hemme. It will be at a WWE Supershow on Saturday, October 22 in Salt Lake City, Utah. So perhaps Michelle will be back on the road soon after.