Various Notes: Dawn Marie, Jake Roberts Problems, Spike TV, More

- Spike TV bid 70 million dollars to help offset the loss of WWE by getting the rights to the Star Wars films, which will begin airing on the network in April of 2008.

- Jake Roberts appeared to be in very rough shape at this past weekends Retroslam convention. Roberts arrived late and only signed for about 30 minutes and then left. He was later seen in the lobby arguing with one of the organizers over what he was supposed to be paid. Roberts, who claimed illness, was paid for the appearance. Jake apparently missed several flights on the day before which caused the issues. Roberts has a DVD coming out shortly through WWE which talks about his substance abuse issues among other things.

- At the Retroslam convention in Whippany, NJ Dawn Marie made her first appearance since being released from WWE. When asked if she would return after the birth of her child, Marie indicated that it would be unlikely for her to return to WWE in the future. There is an open invitation from TNA if she chooses to take it. Photos of a very pregnant Dawn Marie have made their way online and she looks totally differnet.