What To Look Forward To Tonight - UFC, TNA, & RAW

USA Network will air RAW live tonight beginning at 8EST and ending at 11:05EST. This will be the first show back on USA in years and will feature many big names and legends from the past.

USA Network will air the RAW exposed special from last night immediately following RAW tonight.

Spike TV will air a live UFC special which will feature several huge fights. This has not been taped and is flying under no net tonight. This begins at 8EST on Spike TV, the former home of RAW. Spike will be airing several UFC shows throughout the day today to hype tonight's live special and will also air TNA commercials during the live show tonight.

Spike TV will air the replay of TNA Impact! from Saturday night tonight at midnight following the UFC special.

WWE.com will air special backstage footage during commercial breaks tonight during the RAW show.

This will be a VERY busy day and night around here. Tomorrow will also be a busy one as well. We encourage you to check the site for all the latest backstage news and rumors as the show airs tonight.