Backstage News & Notes From WWE's Taboo Tuesday PPV

WWE did an angle at the beginning of Taboo Tuesday taking Edge out of the RAW vs. SmackDown! tag team match. This was obviously due to Edge's pec tear. It is being said that he'll need surgery in the near future. It's interesting to note that Matt Hardy actually scored more fan votes than Rey Mysterio in the opening tag match.

WWE was very surprised with the amount of votes Kane scored in the fan voting for Taboo Tuesday. Shawn Michaels got 46% to 16% for Show and 38% for Kane.

There were said to be many people backstage who were wondering how Joey Styles would do with Vince McMahon yelling in his ear all night behind the headset. Styles is used to just going out there and calling the matches. He used to call ECW matches with input from Paul Heyman.

It appears as though Kane won't be taking time off to nurse a back injury as they gave him the tag straps last night.

For those who didn't get Taboo Tuesday and want the WWE Unlimited webcast free for one month, the password is "WWETABOOTUESDAY".