NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 29:  WWE professional wrestler Bray Wyatt attends WWE WrestleMania Stars Ring The NYSE Opening Bell at New York Stock Exchange on March 29, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Monica Schipper/FilmMagic)
10 Bray Wyatt Matches That WWE Fans Will Always Remember
Royal Rumble 2014
Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family in late 2013, but the union ended in a singles match at the 2014 Royal Rumble. With brutal attacks and a spectacular finish, Wyatt sent Bryan's head into the barricade before tossing him into the ring. While the crowd was cheering Bryan for most of the match, it was arguably the best straight singles match of Bray Wyatt's career.
Elimination Chamber 2014
The Shield was one of the hottest WWE trios in 2014, and when matched against the Wyatts at the 2014 Elimination Chamber, a "this is awesome" chant immediately began when all six entered the ring. The match was fantastic, the action was intense and constant, and the 20-minute runtime felt like five, ending with the Wyatts victorious.
WrestleMania 31
With the entrances alone worth the price of admission, the iconic image of Wyatt rising into his crab walk during a 10 count before the Undertaker sat up Michael Myers-style is one for the ages. While it is arguable that Wyatt would have benefitted from a win here, the two superstars put on a great match.
Elimination Chamber 2017
The all-star lineup of Wyatt, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and The Miz was any fan's dream, but Elimination Chamber 2017 also had the bonus of the WWE Championship on the line. While Wyatt's first title reign wasn't as memorable as this victory was, it had everything fans wanted: violence, fun spots off the side, and a new champion.
WrestleMania 33
Wyatt wanted to stand out while battling Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33, and he chose ... bugs. It was amazing, if not unsettling, as thousands of fans became fireflies in a darkened arena, and although the power was never explained, when Orton got the upper hand, he projected images of maggots onto the mat to overcome his opponent.