NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 26: Roman Reigns is seen in Midtown on July 26, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)
10 Moments That Solidified Roman Reigns As A WWE Star
Being The Sole Survivor
The height of Roman Reigns' formative character building came at Survivor Series 2013 when The Shield, Jack Swagger, and Cesaro faced Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Usos, and Rey Mysterio. Although it was a good showcase for The Shield, Reigns benefitted the most from the match, being declared the sole survivor.
Royal Rumble 2014
The disastrous Royal Rumble 2014 saw the return of Batista who earned the boos and jeers of the crowd. Although it was a horrible decision to not have crowd-favorite Daniel Bryan win the Rumble, the crowd rallied behind the aggressive Reigns who collided with Batista after a record-breaking spell of eliminations.
Brutalizing Triple H
Following his loss against Sheamus at TLC, Reigns began brutalizing the League of Nations, and Triple H and Stephanie arrived at the ringside to get involved. Reigns finally snapped and brutally battered HHH with a chair before putting him through the announcer's desk, earning the support of the crowd in the process.
Superman Punching Vince
When Roman Reigns was failing to gain crowd support, Vince McMahon stepped in. The Chairman made multiple stipulations during Reigns' WWE Title match with Sheamus and tried everything to ensure Reigns' defeat, but The Big Dog clocked McMahon with a Superman Punch, picking up his first-ever WWE Title.
Taking AJ Styles To The Limit
In the 2016 Extreme Rules match for the WWE Title, Reigns and AJ Styles had impeccable in-ring chemistry, complimenting each other's strengths, which resulted in some stellar exchanges. Styles was the more technically proficient of the two, but Reigns still carried his end of the matchup successfully.