TOKYO, JAPAN - OCTOBER 08: Chris Jericho and EVIL compete prior to the match between EVIL and Zack Sabre Jr. during the King of Pro-Wresting at Ryogoku Kokugikan on October 8, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
10 Of Chris Jericho's Most Memorable Wrestling Matches Ever
Slamboree 1998
While Chis Jericho's WCW rival Dean Malenko was on a two-month hiatus from TV, Jericho used that time to mock everything about him. At Slamboree 1998, the masked luchador Ciclope unmasked himself to reveal an angry Malenko, and he defeated Jericho for the title, as the crowd cheered on.
Raw April 2000
At a 2000 edition of "Raw," Jericho had finally pinned Triple H for the WWE Championship, but moments later HHH strong-armed referee Earl Hebner into reversing the decision. Although it's a common wrestling trope, fans were frustrated to see it happen to Jericho as they believed it was time to make him the legitimate world champ.
Royal Rumble 2001
The 2001 Royal Rumble match between Jericho and Chris Benoit is regarded as one of the best ladder matches in history, ending with Jericho becoming the IC Champion for the fourth time. Both men took hellacious punishment in the match, including a moment where Jericho almost fell on his head after being dumped out of the ring.
Vengeance 2001
After WWF purchased WCW, Vengeance 2001 was the PPV organized to unite the two world titles and create WWF's first-ever "Undisputed" champion. Jericho finally won his world title in the opening round, defeating the then-WCW Heavyweight Champion, The Rock, after a battle of almost 20 minutes.
Vengeance 2001 Main Event
At the main event of Vengeance 2001, the WCW Champion Jericho defeated the WWF Champion Steve Austin and captured the most prestigious titles of both promotions. That night, Jericho made history by beating two of the biggest stars of his generation and becoming the first-ever undisputed champion of the world.