TOKYO,JAPAN - JUNE 28: Triple H enters the ring during the WWE Live Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 28, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
10 Triple H Matches That Made Him The WWE Legend He Is Today
Triple H vs. The Rock 1998
Although the main event for SummerSlam 1998 was Steve Austin vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship, it was The Rock and Triple H's Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship that stole the show. In the end, Triple H emerged victorious, but this match announced both men's arrival as the future stars of WWF.
Triple H vs. Cactus Jack
Billed as a Street Fight for the WWF Championship, Triple H and Cactus Jack put on one of the bloodiest bouts in the company's history at Royal Rumble 2000. The bruising brawl included thumbtacks embedded in their bodies and blood all over the mat while Triple H delivered a Pedigree to Cactus on top of the carnage to retain the championship.
Elimination Chamber Match
By Survivor Series 2002, Triple H had established himself as the main draw in WWE, but the stakes were raised when he competed in the inaugural Elimination Chamber title match with Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Kane, and Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight title. In a legendary comeback, Michaels pinned Triple H for the belt.
Triple H vs. The Rock 2000
Iconic rivals The Rock and Triple H had a grueling 60-minute Iron Man match at Judgment Day 2000, refereed by Shawn Michaels. They had the audience on their feet as they pushed each other to the limit with multiple pinfalls, submissions, DQs, and count outs, and Triple H had six victories after The Undertaker attacked him with only seconds to go on the clock.
WrestleMania XX
As a long show with 12 matches, the triple threat main event at WrestleMania XX between Chris Benoit, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels was one of the show’s best matches of all time. The men fought for over 24 minutes before Benoit forced Triple H to tap out, claiming the World Heavyweight Championship.