Roman Reigns with a championship belt over his shoulder
6 Wrestlers Who Hate Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns made his main roster debut as part of The Shield faction alongside CM Punk. However, there’s been deep-rooted conflict since their time working together.
CM Punk
Punk has maintained that he was the major creative force behind The Shield while Reigns mockingly disputed the claim before finally confirming it. Reigns still insults Punk often.
Enzo Amore and Reigns were not on good terms due to Reigns’ backstage antics. Former WWE referee Mike Chioda said that Reigns once kicked Amore out of the locker room.
Enzo Amore
It was also reported that Reigns kicked Amore off of a bus during a European tour. Although Amore disputed it, the incident was confirmed by Corey Graves and JBL on a podcast.
During his days in The Shield, Reigns caught heat after a confrontation and subsequent shouting match with Randy Orton over a botched spot.
Randy Orton
As Reigns was being groomed as WWE’s top babyface, it was reported by Wrestle Zone that Orton was working a “crowd-killing” style that was hampering Reigns’ ascent.
Matt Riddle took aim at Reigns and his claims of being the top guy. He compared Reigns to a bad parent claiming to be good, and added that true results don’t need to be touted.
Matt Riddle
Riddle also told Reigns he could beat him up in a real fight. He further claimed that his tag team RK-Bro moved merchandise while Reigns was only in his spot thanks to his family.
Sheamus resents Reigns for his top position and the luxuries that come with the spot. He disliked that his League of Nations faction was only created to get Reigns over.
Sheamus noted Reigns’ “luxury of wrestling five times a year” to Daily Mail, and said that before 2020, Reigns was the big babyface “wrestling Goldberg and nobody really cared.”