WWE wrestling star Cesaro poses on the red carpet prior to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Six-Man-Tag-Team-Match event at the Olympic Hall in Munich, southern Germany on Novermber 3, 2016. 
Former German national football team goalkeeper Tim Wiese made his full WWE debut in what he describes as the 'Champions League' of wrestling. / AFP / CHRISTOF STACHE        (Photo credit should read CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP via Getty Images)
Claudio Castagnoli: Facts About The Former Cesaro That Only Hardcore Fans Know
Caffeine plays a large role in the lives of many professional wrestlers, but Claudio Castagnoli, AKA Cesaro, is perhaps the most appreciative of coffee. Not only does he have an Instagram account dedicated to posting cups of coffee he gets at various cafes, but he also has his own line of coffee, "Claudio's Cafe."
Love of Coffee
Many wrestlers have a counterpart they run into more than anybody else, and for Castagnoli, that's Eddie Kingston. They've been partners and foes and pretty much everything in between, and when Castagnoli was asked if he liked him, he said, "If you have a lot of hate in your life, maybe you end up like Eddie Kingston, and I'll just leave it at that."
Eddie Kingston
Many public figures, regardless of the industry in which they work, have a hard time keeping their private life private, but Castagnoli has somehow managed to do so for years. That was until Drew McIntyre was asked about Castagnoli's exit from WWE, revealing that Castagnoli has a child and a family, a previously unknown fact.
Claudio's a Dad
Wrestling is all about DIY, and Castagnoli certainly stood out thanks to his ability to sew. When he moved up to the main WWE roster and had access to their team of seamstresses, he still opted to make his own tear-away suit, saying in an interview, "I tried to explain it to somebody and I was terrible at explaining it, so I was like, 'I'll just make it myself.'"
He's a Seamster
During SummerSlam 2017, Castagnoli provided a memorable moment when he ran into the crowd to grab a beach ball fans were batting around and proceeded to rip it to shreds. In a 2020 interview, he explained that the beach ball was distracting the fans, adding, "I wasn't about to let that beach ball ruin our match. Screw that beach ball!"
The Beach Ball