Danhausen: Very Nice, Very Evil Facts About The Aew Star
Danhausen has spoken about his horror influences, which include “Shaun of the Dead,” “Army of Darkness,” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.” He is also heavily inspired by Conan O’Brien because, as Danhausen put it in an interview, “his style of comedy is not vulgar ... it’s very digestible for everybody.”
In an out-of-character interview, Donovan Danhausen talked about his struggles with performing as himself at the beginning of his career. He said, “It got to a point ... maybe 2017, where I was like, I’m gonna quit because this sucks,” but he decided to give wrestling one last shot as his current Danhausen character.
A Rocky Start
Danhausen has explained that his catchphrase “very nice, very evil” is a reference to how cult leaders have to be very nice to get people to join their cult. His aversion to swearing is simply him not wanting to be pulled off the air, because staying on TV is essential to the character’s goal of taking over the world.
Very Nice, Very Evil
“Love That Danhausen” isn’t just a website or a catchy phrase, as there are dozens of entertainers and professional wrestlers who embody that statement. Those who have endorsed or otherwise collaborated with Danhausen include Matt Cardona, CM Punk, William Regal, Thunder Rosa, Bray Wyatt, and many more.
List of Fans
While the version of Danhausen many fans have fallen in love with is kind of an awkward weirdo, his initial outings were much eerier. His first YouTube vignettes included an 8mm film feel and creepy audio, but this more horror-focused version of the character was dropped when Danhausen learned that his more light-hearted videos did much better.
The First Danhausen