Dusty Rhodes. A 3-time NWA World Champion, Creative Consultant for World Wrestling Entertainment. Member of WWE's "Legends program".  (Photo by John Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE) *** Local Caption ***
Dusty Rhodes Once Tried To Keep A Pet Donkey In His Apartment
Known as the Texas Outlaws, tag team Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch were friends both on the road and at home. Shortly after moving into an apartment together in Edina, Minnesota, the roommates welcomed, or rather "smuggled" in, a third member to their household — a pet donkey.
"We had a donkey named Zeb," Rhodes once told Bleacher Report. "And he was a very entertaining son of a b*tch, okay?" He described some fascinating skills his pet mule had learned over time, saying, "He could take a handkerchief off his back leg and untie it. He could kneel down and bow, and he was a rodeo donkey."
Although Rhodes and Murdoch attempted to take care of their pet discreetly, they failed to keep Zeb contained on one occasion. Eventually, their landlord discovered the donkey's dirty deed in the hallway and threatened to kick the two out of the building, saying, "Gentlemen, you can't have a donkey in a place like this."