MIAMI, FL- SEPTEMBER 01: Roman Reigns looks on during the WWE Smackdown on September 1, 2015 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images)
Dwayne Johnson And Roman Reigns' Rivalry Explained
The Anoa'i family tree predates the WWE and features names in all the top promotions, from the Wild Samoans in 1973 to Zilla Fatu in Reality of Wrestling. Roman Reigns and The Rock would battle it out for the right to call themselves the best of that family line — one that embodies what it means to be a champion in the industry.
The Anoa'i Family Dynasty
"High Chief" Peter Maivia is recognized as a "blood brother" to the Anoa'i family, whose 22 years in the industry saw him capture 14 championships before his retirement in 1982. Maivia and his wife, Ofelia "Lia" Fuataga, raised two children, including Ata, who married Rocky Johnson — father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, once known as "Rocky Maivia."
The Maivia Family Tree
Reigns coined himself "Head of the Table" in 2020, claiming his leadership puts food in the mouths of every family member, including The Usos and Solo Sikoa. However, The Rock can also claim the moniker, as he created some of the most memorable moments in WWE history, while Reigns is only known as The Rock's cousin outside of professional wrestling.
What Head of the Table Means
At Royal Rumble 2015, Reigns eliminated Rusev for the win, and The Rock jumped into the ring to celebrate; however, as the fans were upset with previous bouts, they responded with boos, chanting his name for the rest of the event. The pushback was long, and it took five years for him to be finally welcomed as the guy for the promotion.
Rock Couldn't Prevent Booing
After his long resume of success in the WWE, Reigns has thoroughly dominated his family members and their perception of who should be Head of the Table. In 12 years, Reigns has held nearly every championship the company has to offer, leading to what fans see today — Reigns as the WWE Undisputed Champion.
Reigns' Claim