Eric Bischoff during The Jeff Gordon Foundation Poker Classic at Caesars Palace at Caesars Palace's Poker Room in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. (Photo by Bruce Gifford/FilmMagic)
Eric Bischoff's Ideal End To WWE's Bloodline Story Involves Roman Reigns Face Turn
Eric Bischoff was able to show that he still has a creative knack on the February 24, 2023, episode of "Strictly Business." The rapid-fire episode covered many topics within the industry, including the hottest wrestling angle going on today with The Bloodline, and the former WCW President thinks there's plenty of juice to squeeze when it comes to paying the angle off.
"There's so much opportunity as a result of The Bloodline story that I would imagine that if you sit with three or four experienced, talented people in a room, you could probably come out of that room within six or eight hours with three really good ideas," he told co-host, Jon Alba. Bischoff's story involves Roman Reigns regaining his babyface status after hypothetically losing everything at WrestleMania 39.
"Roman walks out of that story. He lost his family, he lost everything around him. He packs up his bags, he walks out of that arena like a man who has lost his soul," Bischoff said. "then it's an uphill battle for the next twelve months, you see gradually, very gradually, painfully to himself, wins back the hearts and minds of the very people he betrayed."