ATLANTA, GA - APRIL 03: Kane attends the 2011 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Philips Arena on April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Every Inferno Match In WWE History, Ranked
6. Triple H vs. Kane
The most forgettable inferno match in WWE history was the one between Triple H and Kane on a 1999 episode of “SmackDown.” The match lasted only for three minutes and served as a building block for Triple H, who was declared victorious after Viscera and Mideon pushed Kane into the fire, burning his glove.
5. Undertaker vs. Kane, 1999
Undertaker, the leader of the Ministry of Darkness, faced Kane, a member of the Corporation, in the 1999 episode of “Raw is War” in an inferno match. Despite its short runtime of around seven minutes, the match itself was decent enough, with Kane performing a big dive from the top rope and landing on the announcer’s table.
4. Bray Wyatt vs. Kane
The 2013 SummerSlam “Ring of Fire” match between Kane and Bray Wyatt was basically the same as an inferno match, with the exception being that the objective was to win via pinfall or submission. Thanks to the assistance of Eric Rowan and Luke Harper, Bray managed to pick up the victory against Kane in his in-ring debut on the main roster.
3. Kane vs. MVP
Kane faced MVP in an inferno match at Armageddon 2006, and it was a decent match in terms of in-ring ability. MVP took a similar dive from the top rope to the announcer’s table as Kane had done seven years prior, and the storyline was solid as well — MVP played the heel perfectly, which made his defeat all the more satisfying.
2. Undertaker vs. Kane, 1998
The original inferno match at Unforgiven 1998 between Undertaker and Kane is a classic. It featured an awesome moment of Undertaker diving over the ropes and fire to attack Kane, and the Deadman finally picked up the win by delivering a big boot to Kane who fell into the flames and caught his arm on fire.