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Every Match That Dave Meltzer Rated Over 5 Stars
39. Gargano Vs Cole
WWE NXT champion Johnny Gargano had his first title defense against Adam Cole at WWE NXT TakeOver on June 1. This 30-minute-long hard-hitting contest saw Cole emerge victorious after hitting Gargano with a Panama Sunrise and the Last Shot in a match that earned 5.25 stars from Dave Meltzer.
38. Walter Vs Bate
In April 2019, Walter became the NXT UK Champion — a title he’d hold on to for 870 days — and fought some tough competitors including the first-ever NXT UK Champion, Tyler Bate. The two clashed in Cardiff, Wales in a 45-minute-long match, which ended with Walter’s victory earning it 5.25 stars from Meltzer.
37. Lucha Vs Bucks
In mid-2019, AEW’s tag teams of Young Bucks (Matt and Jack Nickson) and the Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) intensified their match at All Out 2019, by introducing ladders into the mix. The match for the AAA World Tag Team titles ended with the Lucha brothers’ victory, and was ranked 5.25 by Meltzer.
36. Ibushi Vs Suzuki
Although Kota Ibushi was crowned the winner of the 30th G1 Climax tournament, he faced some rather stiff competition, especially from Minoru Suzuki, when the two faced off on Night 13. Full of stiff moves, the match ended after Ibushi hit Suzuki with a Kamigoye and pinned him, a match that earned 5.25 stars from Meltzer.
35. Okada Vs Takagi
The Night 13 of G1 Climax 30 was extra special because it also featured a fight between Kazuchika Okada and Shingo Takagi where the match went from a slow start to an explosive end. Okada locked Takagi in the Money Clip and made him pass out, and the two earned 5.225 stars from Meltzer for their efforts.