Every Paul Heyman Guy, Ranked By Accomplishments
14. Paul E. Dangerously Guys
Before his WWE debut, Heyman was known as Paul E. Dangerously in WCW and ECW. He managed some of the future greatest names in WWE, including “Stunning” Steve Austin, “Mean” Mark Callous (The Undertaker), Taz, and Sabu, among others, and his “Dangerous Alliance” was one of WCW’s top heel factions.
13. Hardcore Holly
During Holly's stint in the mid-2000s ECW revival, he aligned himself with Heyman as an enforcer, taking out top guy Rob Van Dam, leading to a feud between the two. This led to a series of confusing events, where Holly went from being heel to face, and back to heel again, earning himself a spot as the most nonsensical “Paul Heyman Guy.”
12. Test
Test arrived for the ECW revival in 2006 and aligned himself with Heyman to become a top heel contender. He became a member of the faction of ECW newcomers alongside Big Show, competing in ECW’s “December To Dismember” PPV, and feuding for the ECW World Championship with champion Bobby Lashley.
11. Cesaro
Following Cesaro’s victory at the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, his pairing with Heyman wasn’t fruitful. Cesaro inexplicably started losing matches, Heyman disappeared from his corner, and the much-awaited clash/pairing between the new “Paul Heyman Guy” and the former — Brock Lesnar — never happened.
10. The Dudley Boyz
The team-up between The Dudley Boyz and Heyman in 2004 resulted in a mediocre clash between the Dudleyz and The Undertaker, in a “Concrete Crypt Match,” where Undertaker’s manager Paul Bearer would be buried in concrete if ‘Taker lost. The Deadman won, but still buried Bearer in concrete, and that sums up the Dudleyz-Heyman pairing.