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Every WWE Studios Movie Ranked
The 4'5" wrestler, Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl, starred in "Leprechaun: Origins" as the mini-monster on a homicidal rampage in the Irish countryside. The movie represents the bottom of WWE Studios' cinematic barrel, holding a 0% critics rating and an 11% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 3.2/10 score on IMDb.
55. Leprechaun: Origins
Despite its title, this film was not a sequel to "Pure Country" or "Pure Country 2: The Gift." WWE's Shawn Michaels has a small role as a Nashville music manager, and the score features 16 original tunes. The movie is so obscure that it is the only WWE Studios production with no score on Rotten Tomatoes.
54. Pure Country: Pure Heart
"Armed Response" was the first production from Erebus Pictures, a genre specialty label formed by WWE Studios and Gene Simmons, who co-produced with the film's star, Wesley Snipes. Ill-received, it holds a 0% critics rating, with Mondo Bizarro citing, "If you ever wanted to see Seth Rollins fight Anne Heche, your strange wish was granted in 2017."
53. Armed Response
The final collaboration in the six-film deal between WWE Studios and Samuel Goldwyn Pictures was also the last WWE film starring John Cena. The film's relatively few reviews gave Cena mixed notices as a tough police officer, with 20/20 Reviews saying, "Cena is no real movie star, but he has a certain presence and a likeability that carries him through." 
52. The Reunion
An anomaly within the WWE Studios' output is their only foreign language film, "Queens of the Ring," about women's wrestling. CM Punk, The Miz, and Eve Torres appear as themselves, but the film flopped during its French theatrical release — in the U.S., it was only for sale as an English-dubbed DVD.
51. Queens of the Ring