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Every WWE
The Music Soundtrack Ranked
10. WWE Volume 7
The 2007 release of “WWE The Music, Volume 7” came at a time when wrestling themes weren’t as catchy or memorable as the earlier years. The album begins with Ashley Massaro’s “Light a Fire,” which doesn’t do justice to her character, and the first decent track is Cryme Tyme’s “Bringin’ Da Hood T U.”
9. WWF Volume 2
WWF’s 1997 release “WWF The Music, Volume 2” was a letdown, kicking off with The Undertaker’s “Dark Side” theme, which is too depressing even for the Phenom. Apart from Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “Hell Frozen Over,” the album has only two or three tunes worth repeating.
8. WWE Volume 8
The 2008 release of “WWE The Music, Volume 8” is top-heavy, with the best parts of the album coming from the first four tracks, like Jeff Hardy’s “No More Words” theme by EndeverafteR, which is the standout. Following this are Kofi Kingston’s old “SOS” reggae jam, Beth Phoenix’s “Glamazon,” and Mark Henry’s “The Wall.”
7. Voices: WWE Vol. 9
After a few weak albums, the 2009 album redeems the series with the titular track, “Voices,” performed by Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory — which Randy Orton has used for over a decade. R-Truth still uses “What’s Up” even in 2022, and the now-defunct theme of Jack Swagger’s “Get On Your Knees” is an impressive Rage cover.
6. ThemeAddict: WWE Vol. 6
The 2004 release of “ThemeAddict: WWE The Music, Vol. 6” starts with the classic metal jam “Line in the Sand” by Motörhead for the Evolution stable. Carlito Caribbean's “Cool” is cheesy but catchy, like Theodore Long’s “MacMilitant,” while Christian’s “Just Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde still holds up.