Dolph Ziggler standing in a ring
Every WWE Wrestler Who Was Recently Fired
Elias memorably wrapped up his time on “NXT” in 2017 as the masked luchador, El Vagabundo, falling to Oney Lorcan before making his “WWE Raw” debut soon after.
On the “Raw” after WrestleMania 2022, Elias portrayed his own younger brother Ezekiel and began a feud with Kevin Owens that fizzled. Elias and Ezekiel were then fired.
Dolph Ziggler’s six Intercontinental Championships, four Tag Team Championships, and two World Heavyweight Championships make him a first ballot WWE Hall of Famer.
Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler could go anywhere in wrestling if he wanted to. However, he’s moved onto other ventures, namely a standup comedy career that he’ll likely continue to pursue.
Quincy Elliott, who made sporadic appearances on “NXT,” was released. It’s been reported that Elliott caused “issues” backstage including social media controversies.
‘NXT’ Prospects
Alexis Gray, a former track star at Texas Southern University, called her release “baffling,” but she is determined to continue and see where wrestling may take her.
After assuming multiple personas on WWE TV, the model formerly known as ma.çé is gone. He last fought in a number one contenders’ battle royal for the Intercontinental Championship.
Brennan Williams was a third round draft choice of the NFL’s Houston Texans before his wrestling career, which should help aid his prospects in whatever he chooses to do next.
Mån.sôör had a 57-0 winning streak to start his WWE career, but once Maxxine defected from his Maximum Male Models group, that was pretty much it for mån.sôör’s career.
With an international fanbase, big time personality, and plenty of runway in front of him, mån.sôör will surely make the best of his next opportunity, wherever that may be.