Trish Stratus at the The Hummingbird Centre in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)
Facts about Trish Stratus only hardcore fans will know
She wanted to be a doctor
As a pre-med student at York University, Stratus studied biology and kinesiology, and had a passion for sports. A top athlete, she enjoyed helping people with their physical abilities, and it was that desire to help others that motivated her medical aspirations. Stratus never found her way into a doctor's office, but rather a wrestling ring instead.
Changed by a faculty strike
Stratus told The Toronto Sun, "I was studying biology and kinesiology in 1997 and, as many will remember, York went on strike that year and I had the 'Oh, my God, what do I do now?' feeling." But little did she know that everything was about to change, as a modeling opportunity led to WWF noticing her and eventually signing her in November of 1999.
From receptionist to model
While in college, Trish was working as a receptionist at a local gym, and shortly after the strike began, a publisher of Muscle Mag asked if she would be interested in doing a photo shoot for the magazine. Over the next six months, Trish began a rigorous workout schedule to transform her body for the magazine shoot.
Married school sweetheart
Stratus met her future husband, Ron Fisico, in high school, and they were together for 14 years before deciding to officially tie the knot. Stratus and her wedding gown were featured on Today's Bride magazine, one of Canada's top bridal publications, but they skipped the honeymoon and other post-wedding plans when she received a call from Hollywood.
Starred on Armed & Famous
Months prior to her wedding, CBS thought that Stratus would be a great fit for a new show where celebrities became reserve officers for the Muncie Indiana Police Force. Stratus told, "We did everything that real police officer training would consist of. We were sworn in, got badges, got guns, got uniformed up and went on this crazy schedule."