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Facts Only Hardcore
AEW Fans
Know About
Tony Khan
Fantasy Wrestling Shows
Tony Khan revealed in a podcast that he used to book wrestling shows as a kid, and even tried sending in scripts for “Raw” as a teenager. As for the name of “AEW Dynamite,” Khan has said, “‘Dynamite’ is a show I created in 1995 when I was 12 years old.”
Wrestling Forums Member
Khan implied that he was part of the Death Valley Driver message boards which featured the wrestling sleaze list — a collection of over 400 sleazy wrestling rumors. Someone with the username "Coach Tony K" started the original thread, titled “Scummiest Wrestling Urban Legends?,” in 2004, so it might be Khan after all.
Not A TV Character
Tony Khan thinks that authority figures are an overused gimmick, and has said several times that he will not become an on-screen character. However, Khan has appeared on TV a handful of times, including some on-screen appearances on Impact Wrestling during their partnership with AEW, like the purchase of Ring Of Honor.
World’s Best Wrestling
Khan revealed that the original idea he had for the name of the promotion was in fact World's Best Wrestling, instead of All Elite Wrestling. This clearly changed as a result of the popularity of The Elite, since the group members were so popular at the time that it only made sense to name the company after them.
Plans for Goldberg
Khan had big plans for Goldberg, wanting to redo Goldberg’s infamous WCW undefeated streak, but Jim Cornette pointed out how much Goldberg would “charge for a 30-second job match,” let alone a “main event.” It’s interesting to think how Goldberg’s supposed undefeated streak would be received by hardcore AEW fans.