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Famous Wrestling Pranks That Deserve To Be Remembered
Stu Hart Bat Phone
Owen Hart once handed Jim Cornette a phone and said Stu Hart was on the line. On the other end was expert mimicry artist Bruce Prichard who, as Stu, admonished Cornette for making his daughter “look like a w**re.” Cornette blamed Prichard, calling him a pervert, and later told Prichard, “I think I just told Stu Hart you're a f—— pervert.”
Paying Back The Nasty Boys
After The Nasty Boys sedated Eddie Guerrero with the Halcion-Bomb and shaved his eyebrows, mustache and bangs, Guerrero and his friend Black Cat got some payback on a sponsored night out. The two collected table scraps of shellfish, crab and other discarded items, converted them into a special sauce, and fed it to The Nasty Boys.
Cookies In My Bed
Once, Mick Foley and Steve Austin stuffed Diamond Dallas Page’s bed with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Page got in bed, but he couldn’t get comfortable. Soon after, he jumped out of bed shrieking, “There's cookies in my bed! Someone put f****** cookies in my bed!” as Foley and Austin laughed hysterically.
Curt Hennig’s Surprise
In 1998, prankster Curt Hennig decided to leave a bucket of his excrement beneath the ring where the Ultimate Warrior was waiting to confront the nWo. The smell was so vile that Scott Norton vomited on the spot, so one can only imagine how the Warrior must have dealt with the pungent stench.
A Real Man’s Man
When Daniel Bryan, a star pupil of William Regal, got a chance to wrestle his mentor on “WWE Superstars,” Bryan pulled a prank. Regal’s usual music had started playing before it abruptly switched to the “Real Man’s Man” theme from 1998, and Regal hilariously looked at Bryan as if to say, “Were you in on this?” which Bryan confirmed.