Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler standing in a ring together
FTR Facts That Only Hardcore Fans Know
Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler formed The Revival with the help of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes in 2014. Wheeler said Dusty was a huge supporter of their tag team.
Dusty Rhodes
Rhodes gave The Revival strong advice, once telling them, “You’re gonna have to work harder than anybody else.” Wheeler said this line still sticks with the team to this day.
The “Ucey Hot” storyline had The Usos put vapor rub in the trunks of The Revival, causing them to walk around ringside like dogs with worms. Some saw it as disrespectful.
Ucey Hot
Wheeler said of the bizarre storyline to talkSPORT, “The lack of focus on the tag team division causes long-term storylines to not happen.” This lack of focus made FTR leave WWE.
Triple H knew of FTR’s frustrations over creative decisions in the WWE tag team division, but he knew that FTR was vital talent to the brand, so he tried to bring them back.
Triple H
Triple H offered FTR another spot on the NXT roster, which they had a hard time turning down because of their love for the NXT brand. However, FTR knew their WWE careers were over.
FTR felt that the chain of communication in the company was broken. Vince McMahon, head of the WWE, agreed with the frustrating process of pitching an idea to him.
Open Apology
On “Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show,” Harwood revealed, “In our very last meeting with Vince, he actually apologized to us, because the system was broken.”
Bayley and Sasha Banks credit their success to FTR. Bayley admitted that at first, she and Sasha didn’t understand the ring psychology of tag team wrestling.
Bayley And Sasha Banks
Bayley added that she and Sasha sat down, studied FTR matches, and eventually fell in love with the in-ring psychology that a tag team must possess in order to be successful.