TOKYO,JAPAN - JUNE 28: Triple H enters the ring during the WWE Live Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 28, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
Hell In A Cell Matches Ranked By Brutality
14. Undertaker Vs. Triple H
The match between ‘Taker and Triple H at WrestleMania 28 — with HBK as the guest referee — was an all-out war, with several chair shots by both men and Triple H using his signature sledgehammer to gain an advantage. The war ended when Undertaker hit his famous Tombstone Piledriver and a giant “20-0” appeared on the big screen.
13. Undertaker Vs. HBK
As Undertaker and Shawn Michaels faced off in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match at Badd Blood 1997, suddenly, Paul Bearer came out with a giant man dressed in red, as Vince McMahon screamed, “THAT'S GOTTA BE KANE!” Kane proceeded to hit Undertaker with the Tombstone Piledriver, allowing Michaels to score the victory.
12. DX Vs. McMahons
Triple H and Shawn Michaels — better known as D-Generation X — faced Vince and Shane McMahon and Big Show in a handicapped Hell in a Cell match at Unforgiven 2006. Blood started flowing soon, Shane hit his signature coast-to-coast on Triple H, and DX shoved Vince’s face into Big Show’s rear end, pulling off one last practical joke and the victory.
11. Shane Vs. Undertaker
At WrestleMania 32, Shane McMahon placed the prone Undertaker on the announcement table and scaled the Cell wall, all the way to the top. From there, Shane jumped down more than 20 feet onto Undertaker, who escaped, sending Shane crashing through the table. ‘Taker would pick up a victory on the wounded McMahon soon after.
10. Rollins Vs. Ambrose
While climbing down the cell at Hell in a Cell 2014, former Shield brethren Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins exchanged punches when fatigue set in. Both guys plummeted through the announce tables, but they continued exchanging blows with chairs, kendo sticks, and steel steps until Bray Wyatt intervened and helped Rollins pick up the win.