Hulk Hogan flexing
Hulk Hogan Matches That Should Get More Respect
In an early '80s match for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Hulk Hogan took on Tatsumi Fujinami, one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation and an influential New Japan star.
Vs. Tatsumi Fujinami
In this match, Hogan works the mat and breaks out moves you’d rarely see from him in the US, including an honest-to-God bow and arrow hold and his finisher the Axe Bomber.
Hogan’s bitter late ‘80s feud with The Big Boss Man, a hulking wrestler, culminated in a steel cage match on the prominent “Saturday Night’s Main Event” show.
Vs. The Big Boss Man
Hogan superplexed the enormous Boss Man off the top of the steel cage. It’s a move that would be stunning and impressive today, let alone in 1989 when the feat happened.
Hogan’s character, strong push, and his presence made him a conqueror, and his match alongside The Ultimate Warrior against Mr. Perfect and The Genius showcased it.
Vs. Mr. Perfect
This match isn’t epic, but it hits the spot. Oftentimes when you watched Hogan, you came to see him just run over some bad guys like he does so entertainingly well in this match.
WWF worked with All Japan and New Japan to present a massive supershow at the Tokyo Dome. Main eventing was Hogan vs. Stan “The Lariat” Hansen, an all-time great.
Vs. Stan Hansen
This is a big-time brawl and Hogan shows aggression you would rarely see out of him otherwise. It's a wild blow-for-blow battle where both men bleed and action spills to the floor.
This dream match pitted Hogan and Genichiro Tenryu against The Road Warriors of Hawk and Animal, one of the most beloved tag team duos in wrestling history.
Vs. The Road Warriors
Hogan gives a spirited performance and multiple people bleed, including Hawk. The match breaks down at times into a chaotic brawl, and Hogan and Hawk show real fire.