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Jerry Lawler Had A Contentious Relationship With Jim Carrey While Filming 'Man On The Moon'
Jerry "The King" Lawler has been vocal about his contentious working relationship with actor Jim Carrey, stemming from their time on the set of "Man on the Moon." Carrey starred as comedian Andy Kaufman in the 1999 biopic and channeled Kaufman's "method acting" approach, partially focusing on the artist's long-running feud with Lawler.
Although portrayed as enemies, Kaufman and Lawler were friends in real life — something Carrey didn't fully understand while filming "Man on the Moon." The WWE Hall of Famer said, "Jim Carrey went wrong with that," adding, "He obviously thought we really didn't like each other," and Lawler believes Carrey "went a little overboard" with the Kaufman character.
Convinced that Kaufman hated him, Carrey threw a "big glass bottle of orange juice" toward Lawler before shouting, "I'll get you, Lawler! I'll get you, Lawler!" He also said that Carrey once spat in his face while channeling Kaufman, and the two men have since put the past behind them as Carrey wrote him a letter saying it was "an honor and an odyssey" to work alongside him.