Kenny Omega at a TBS/TNT event
Kenny Omega Talks Relationship With Sami Zayn: 'I Love Him Like A Brother'
BY Nick Miller
Kenny Omega and Sami Zayn haven’t performed in the same company for a long time, but it's clear that the two Canadians still maintain a close bond. Omega recently reminisced about his days in Japan with Zayn, and the matches they were able to put on together over the course of their careers on the independents.
"I love him like a brother," Omega said of Zayn. "My greatest dormitory experience, and possibly my greatest experiences ever just in wrestling, was being able to kind of dorm with him in Japan. ... It was hanging out during the days, doing the matches at the nights, and then just kind of sitting and chilling and watching old 80s [and] 90s action movies."
Omega shared that he was proud of the matches they had together, and that Zayn is currently showing the world just how much talent he possesses. In addition, the former AEW World Champion plugged Zayn's charity, Sami For Syria, calling it a great cause and one more way that Zayn has been able to make a difference in the world.