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Kevin Nash Reveals Why Booker T Turned Down Offer To Join The NWO
Former WWE and WCW star Booker T recalled on his “The Hall of Fame” podcast in 2021 that he was invited to join the NWO during its WCW fame, but turned it down. Booker explained, “It was just something that I did not want to be a part of [...] I didn't want to be, you know, in the mix with a bunch of different guys, coming out to that one [song].”
On his October 2022 “Kliq This” podcast, Kevin Nash discussed how hard he, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman worked during the early NWO days. Nash revealed a different reason why Booker T refused to join the faction during its WCW heyday, saying, “I remember when we asked Booker T to join the NWO, he said ‘F**k no, man. You guys work too much.’”
Always a critic of the group, Booker had once stated that NWO nearly ruined the wrestling business. Booker eventually joined the NWO in one of the group's later versions following WWE's purchase of WCW and even criticized the familiar NWO theme music in a memorable segment, although he was kicked out by Shawn Michaels within a month after that.