370782 02: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Undertaker Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)
Koko B. Ware Was the First Recipient of The Undertaker's Tombstone, and It Didn't Go Well
On Survivor Series 1990, Ted DiBiase introduced The Undertaker as his partner against The Dream Team, which was the big man’s debut into WWE. During the match, The Undertaker picked up Koko B. Ware, and hit him with a reverse piledriver as Gorilla Monsoon exclaimed on commentary, “He just got nailed with a tombstone!”
Koko revealed it was the first time The Undertaker executed the move and “almost kind of cracked my neck a little bit doing it,” adding, “I got dropped on my head [...] if I had a weak head or something like that, I probably would've broken my neck big time.” He stated they hadn’t practiced the tombstone before, which is why it didn’t go smoothly.
How Koko was pinned benefitted Undertaker on his debut according to Koko, explaining, “he crossed my arms, and stuff like that, and just like, 'hey, I'm in the casket' and it worked out. It was all benefiting his gimmick.” That was the last time Koko B. Ware and The Undertaker met in a WWE ring with Koko's run ending in 1994.