Lady Frost Refuses To Apologize For Her WWE Debut
Five years after being defeated by Asuka on "WWE Raw," Lady Frost — real name Brittany Rae Steding — is tired of others' jealousy for her first match being on national television. "I had to feel the guilt and shame for years because people are like 'people tried for 10 and 15 years to be on TV,' but like I'm sorry I got lucky," she said.
When asked how the opportunity came about, Steding said her husband, pro wrestler Victor Benjamin, told her to send her stuff in — even though she was only three months into her training. After being tested in the ring, she was deemed a "worthy enhancement talent" to take Asuka's head kick.
While she concedes others deserved the spot more than her, she is proud of what she accomplished. "I showed up, I cut a promo on live television for the first time ever. They gave me a mic and said, 'Here you go.' They aired it live. I didn't mess it up. I took a head kick like a champ and oh well, suck it," she said.