Nikkita Lyons posing in the ring
Nikkita Lyons Returns To WWE NXT After Injury, Attacks Blair Davenport
After being absent since January 2023 due to a torn ACL and meniscus, Nikkita Lyons returned to WWE NXT to attack Blair Davenport while she was retreating from an in-ring brawl.
Davenport was about to make her exit after receiving an elbow to the face from Kelani Jordan, but Lyons rushed in from behind and nailed Davenport with a kick to the head.
"That was just the appetizer," Lyons warned Davenport. In January 2023, Lyons had been attacked in the parking lot by a mystery assailant, who was later revealed to be Davenport.
Lyons spent 11 months on the shelf after the attack and now seeks her revenge. Previously, Davenport had also boasted about taking out several women wrestlers, including Lyons.