NOVI, MI - MAY 17: Bret Hart attends the 2014 Motor City Comic Con at Suburban Collection Showplace on May 17, 2014 in Novi, Michigan. (Photo by Monica Morgan/WireImage)
Hart and Goldberg
At Starrcade 1999, Goldberg delivered a stiff kick to Bret Hart’s head that left The Hitman with a stinging concussion. Hart later revealed that “Bill Goldberg [...] hurt everybody he worked with,” and Goldberg responded in an interview that if he actually wanted to hurt his opponent, Hart wouldn’t be able to talk about it.
CM Punk and Ryback
CM Punk admitted that wrestling with Ryback took decades off his life, stating, “He's very hurty [...] one time he kicked me in the stomach as hard as he could and he broke my ribs.” Ryback responded by taking digs at Punk on social media and remarked that Punk’s comments were inaccurate and hurtful.
Hurricane Helms and HBK
In 2011, Hurricane Helms took to Twitter to lambast Shawn Michaels, saying, “Shawn hadn't gotten over anyone but himself in the last decade!!” Helms later revealed that HBK hurt his career because he could, although he clarified in 2019 that the two were now colleagues and didn't have heat anymore.
Lynch and Charlotte
Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair used to be friends, but their friendship imploded during a championship exchange segment where Flair allegedly went off script to make Lynch look weaker. The incident resulted in a heated backstage confrontation afterwards, and Lynch later revealed that “We don't talk anymore.”
Hogan and Hart
It’s rumored that the heat between Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan started at “WrestleMania IX,” when Hogan refused to put Hart over. Hart attacked Hogan in 2021, saying, “[Hogan] didn't know a headlock from a headlamp. [...] He knew how to do a clothesline and maybe a body slam.”